About us



We see Italy as a palette of regional culinary identities that combine to create the world-renowned, exclusively Italian taste. We are fortunate to have access to Italy’s amazing products and we are thrilled to make that sensory experience go global. Our mission is to bring the best Italian regional specialties to the global consumer. Many of these products are coming to the international market for the first time. With offices in Milan, Italy’s fashion and design capital, and Emilia Romagna, one of Italy’s foremost gourmet food producing regions, we are uniquely positioned to offer Italian food and wine products that represent the delicious synergy between superior quality and fashionable design.



As purveyors of authentic Italian products, we are responsible for our contribution to your well-being. We demand that our products are of the highest quality, from farm to table. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Our customers deserve the most natural, healthy, and honest products available – only what we would eat ourselves and serve to our families.

We never compromise
on quality or taste.
We won’t add anything
Our products are exclusively
Made in Italy. Always. 



Why 88? We are a company of global travelers, and for our name, we wanted a symbol that could describe us in any language. In the East, 8 is the luckiest of numbers. It represents how lucky we feel to be surrounded by incredible Italian food and to make it our life’s work to share these products with the world. In Western traditions, 8 is linked with infinity. To us, this is Italy’s strength: the endless growing cycle of terra to table, the timeless quality of the products. With such a rich heritage and commitment to excellence, Italy’s possibilities are endless – we call it Infinite Gastronomy.



Constant innovation is what we do. Our passion lies in uncovering the best, most honest food and wine that Italy has to offer. Our mission is ongoing, with new and exciting products always in development. We are continuously working to show you another corner of Italy’s pantry cupboard, or another grapevine from a hillside yet to be tasted. Truly Italian, and infinitely inspirational.